Okie Agustina Choice to End her 11-Year Marriage to Gunawan Dwi Cahyo

Okie Agustina Choice to End her 11-Year Marriage to Gunawan Dwi Cahyo

Okie Agustina and Gunawan Dwi Cahyo: The Beginning of the Marriage Crisis

It was hard for Okie Agustina to decide to split up with Gunawan Dwi Cahyo after 11 years of marriage. Akie filed for divorce at the Pengadilan Agama Bogor on Friday, October 11, with their oldest son, Keisha Alvaro, by his side. The choice was made after they thought about their marriage, which looked like it was about to fall apart.

Surprising Meeting: Gunawan’s Supposed Cheating

After pictures spread of Gunawan spending time with a woman wearing a veil in Kediri, things took an unexpected turn for the worse. Okie Agustina was shocked to learn this because she thought her husband had been focused on his work and religious duties for the past month.

Okie told the Pengadilan Agama Bogor, “I never thought that my husband would be with another woman because, as far as I knew, he was there focusing on worship and work.”

The Other Woman: A Secret Love Story

When asked about Gunawan’s connection with the woman in question, Okie Agustina didn’t want to say much. She only said that the woman Gunawan was seen walking with is married to someone else.

“Sorry, I can’t answer that.” God and she are the only ones who know. “All I know is that she is married to someone else; I don’t want to say anything about those things,” she said.

What Gunawan Said on Social Media

On the other hand, Gunawan Dwi Cahyo went on social media to say that the photos going around were actually of him. But he talked about the woman as a friend to make it clear what their relationship was like.

“I’m sorry about this problem. It was all my fault from the start and has nothing to do with anyone else. It’s okay that I’m the one who did it, and I’m friends with everyone. You can blame me however you want. Gunawan wrote in an Instagram Stories post, “It’s better than blaming someone else or my family.”

It’s all my fault for all the trouble I caused. “He went on, “I made friends with other people, and I’m the one who caused chaos and hurt my own family.”

How Okie Dealt with the Trouble: His Calm Response

After hearing this terrible news, Okie Agustina has decided to keep a calm attitude. She doesn’t want to make things more complicated for the public, so she has decided to let the court process go its course while keeping her personal feelings to herself.

To sum up, a public marriage falling apart

The breakup of Okie Agustina and Gunawan Dwi Cahyo’s marriage is a reminder of how hard it can be for famous people to deal with personal problems while being watched by the public. While the couple’s divorce is being processed, their private problems become public, showing how complicated relationships can be and how hard it is to be separated.